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Smart graphic design for ambitious businesses

Urgently looking for a new design in line with your brand story? From now on, this is no longer a show-stopper: quickly and easily submit a new project request via your client space, one-off or as a subscription formula.

Improve your Design Operations with Frametales

Improve your DesignOps with Frametales

Whether your company is large or small, you constantly need graphic design assets for your marketing activities. I will provide you and your marketing team with a solution in a simple and impactful way.

My approach, your benefits

Efficient, good and affordable

Don't waste time with long briefings anymore! You often need high-quality designs for your company. I can help! I have found the sweet spot between speed, quality and price. Choose an assignment and receive your quote within 2 business days. After your approval we will get started.


Efficient, good and affordable

Collaborate in the Cloud

You will get access to your own private customer area. From there you can follow every phase of the design process, from briefing to delivery. So you know exactly what to expect.


Collaborate in the Cloud

Continuity & flexibility

I always deliver the desired designs on time and on brand, in line with your visual identity. This way, continuity is preserved. At the same time, I work as if I was your in-house designer, but more flexible (and often more affordable...).


Continuity & flexibility

Cases in the spotlight

How can I help you with graphic design services?

How can I help?

Graphic design is my passion. I like to keep my finger on the pulse and continuously learn new technologies (such as Spatial UI and AI Prompting). Not only because I am extremely curious, but especially so that I can provide appropriate assistance to my clients.


Below you will find an overview of my services. For services with which I cannot help you directly (animation, video, motion design, app development), I work with reliable partners from my personal network.


I worked with teams from...

…and many other enthusiastic freelancers, start-ups, SMEs and large companies!

What clients tell about me

Anita de Kok


"His creativity, attention to detail, and professionalism make Filip a top choice for design needs. Highly recommended!"

Lucas Bols

Studio Nomad Films

"Whenever I feel a project is too difficult to explain or wrap a creative concept around, Filip finds a way that tells the story in an original and captivating way."

Tom Ghelen


"I highly recommend working with Filip for his exceptional skills in Visual Storytelling. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with him on multiple occasions, where he has seamlessly translated complex information into captivating visuals and drawings."

Johan Devriese

Orion Dynamic

"It is always a pleasure working with Filip. He is calm and a good listener, [...] making-up visual designs that hit the spot!"

Kris Adriaenssens


"Filip's creativity and pragmatism has helped us in rethinking our branding [...] Next to his creative mind he is also very strong in transforming his ideas in great deliverables!"

Adrien Kirschfink


“He has done a great job with our digital marketing and even more so in the way we visualize stories and words.”

Ranjeev Rajan

Startup Advisor

“Filip has helped our startup twice to be recognized as one of the Top 20 startups in Seedcamp.”

Karin Poullier

DC Grow / European Commission

"Filip is a creative professional, who always thinks out of the box and always comes up with great ideas that achieve their goals!"

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